Friday, May 25, 2012

{Life According to Polo}

Hello World! My name is Polo Knox Sharpe (Ralph Lauren not Marco!!!) I am the newest, cutest member of the Sharpe family!! My favorite things include: digging in the toy box and pulling out *every* toy, sleeping, going pee pee, sleeping, playing in the yard, *sitting* just to get a "treat", and, oh did i mention...sleeping?
 I was VERY good the first two days at home because I really wanted to impress my mommy and daddy! 
I never went #1 or #2 in the house, then day 3 rolled around and I got brave...yep...peed not once, not twice, but THREE times in the house! On my behalf though, there were THREE poodles that lived in this house before me... I think I smell them... I can't help it! I do ASK to go potty though so give me some credit! 

My day goes a little something like this...I sleep through the night except I like to wake up around 3:00 am to go outside to potty. My dad takes me out then puts me right back in my night night and I go right back to bed until around 6:00 then I'm ready to get up, potty and EAT breakfast! I play until around 8:00 then take a again at from again at, play play...sleep around 10:00!! 

 I could go up and down the stairs my very first day home! Aren't you proud? I also learned how to 'sit' on my fourth day at home! I absolutely love my daddy and love to be held like a baby by my mommy!


My parents don't get very much done since now I'm around unless I'm sleeping. They think that's ok because they LOVE me so much!!

I hear my mommy and daddy are getting me a swimming pool to play in! Stay tuned to see if I really get one!!