Friday, November 20, 2015

Beckett// 11 Months

Beckett // 11 Months
Weight// 18.6 lbs (weighed at home) 
Height// 29 in? (tried to measure at home but moves a ton)

Eleven Month Details // 
Spent it all in PA with Mimi, Papa, and Auntie K
Celebrated her first Halloween as a strawberry
Went to the Philly Zoo
Started pushing her walker
Went to Knoxville
Went to a petting zoo
Auntie Meg came to visit
Saw Santa
Daddy finished away rotations
Came back to KY! 

Clothes & Diapers //
12 month clothes
size 3 diapers 

Health //
healthy this month! finally
cut 1 more tooth- has 3 teeth on top 

Diet //
bottle 2x a day, sippy cup 2x a day, 3 meals plus a snack.
eats whatever we eat!

we think she has a little issue with dairy. She doesn't act like it bothers her tummy but she always gets a diaper rash when she eats dairy so we've eliminated that from her diet.

Sleep //
i say this every month but she's a wonderful sleeper.
i'm sure we will be cursed with baby #2
time change didn't effect her at all.
still taking 2 naps and sleeps 12 hours at night

Baby Gear Love //
water bottles
baby dolls

Likes //
waving at LITERALLY everyone she sees and people in the store!!
climbing the stairs
pulling up on EVERYTHING
finding little pieces of grass or dirt on the floor and eating it
intentionally dropping her cup off her high chair just so she can say "uh oh"
Giving Polo treats (cutest EVER) I hand her a treat and she leans down to give it to Polo and claps when he takes it from her!!!
Throwing a ball
Mimi's dog Sugar (has the cutest high pitched voice for sugar)

being tired
having anything taken away from her

Milestones //
SO MANY this month so bear with me!!!
walking while holding on to furniture
new words this month:  "hot" "uh oh" "bye bye" "night night" "quack quack" "eyes"
knows what "no" means. she will stop dead in her tracks when I say "no"
makes the cutest squealy voice when she talks to the dogs
will stretch on command (puts arms in the air)
tries to snap
loves to give high fives
signs "please" "all done" and "more"