Monday, February 18, 2013

{DIY candle}

I never, ever, ever throw away old candles that still have a little bit of wax left in the bottom. Why? You can turn your old candles that won't burn in to a perfectly new full candle. 

Save your candles that have similar scents. We love "fresh" scents at our house {really it's the hubby that hates cupcake and sweet flavors} so I have a lot of candles that are in the same "smell" family. Once I have enough candles collected--usually 3 or 4--I start the process.

All you need is a jar or an old, pretty candle jar or a mason jar, a new wick, a candle warmer or a pot, and 3 or 4 old candles. Start by melting your wax. I did this last year and did not own a candle warmer so I filled up a pot with water, brought it to a boil, and stuck my candle down in here. Once the wax has melted carefully take it out and pour it into your new jar. Place the new wick down inside the jar. You will need to make sure the wick stays in place. Then play the waiting game. You MUST wait for the new wax to completely dry before pouring your 2nd melted candle on top of it. Repeat for as many candles as you have. Enjoy your new, yummy candle!

Silly me didn't take a picture of the finished product but everyone knows what a candle looks like, right?

Monday, February 4, 2013

{a european vacation}

We've set a date, purchased the airplane tickets and are more than ready to go! 

I studied in London two years ago and loved every minute of it. Ever since my return, I've been dying to go back with Dale. This summer is going to be our only summer for like the next 10 years with Dale being in med school, so we decided to do it big! We are traveling to Europe with another one of our awesome couple friends for almost 3 weeks. 

We will be traveling to Paris, Italy, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and London. 
Anyone have any suggestions of "must do's" while we are there? I would love any and all helpful hints such as places to stay, food to eat, things to see.

Here are some pictures from my trip abroad and what I'd like to see.

Places I'd Like To See

Please e-mail me at for some suggestions
Thanks for your help!!