Friday, July 26, 2013

{Backpacking Through Europe: One Bag}

I haven't blogged in FOR EV ER! Main reason being we traveled to Europe this summer for three weeks!!

Europe? Sounds expensive just saying that word. When we decided we were going to make the trip to Europe for three weeks of the summer 2013, the cheapest way possible would be to backpack. Backpack? ME? Ok on a weekend trip I pack an entire suitcase and another bag of toiletries. How in the world was I going to pack for THREE WEEKS in one bag?

We did an extensive amount of research, looked at a lot of blogs on how to pack for a backpacking trip. 
The easiest thing we found was to pack basics. Boring, I know, but functional. 

Here is what would would have found in my bag

4 solid shirts with sleeves
1 long sleeve shirt
2 tank tops
1 dress
2 pair of shorts
1 pair of work out shorts and top
1 maxi skirt
1 cardigan
1 raincoat 
4 {yes only 4} pair of quick dry undies
1 bathing suit
1 pair of light weight pjs
1 sheer scarf
and 1 pair of jeans. 

We also had to make room for some non-clothing items. 

We packed a cocoon and PRAISE THE LORD we did! This thing was a lifesaver--a must have on your packing list. You see, we stayed in hostels. I will hardly sleep in a hotel and let my face touch the pillow there, much less a hostel. This coccoon was a like a sleeping bag but just a tiny, thin, sheet. Perfect for the summer! And it had a little insert for a pillow so you didn't have to lie directly on a pillow that wasn't yours.

Another must have for a backpacking adventure is this REI quick dry towel. Looking back, I wish we bought the XL towel so that it would've covered more of our body, but whatever, we lived. The hostels we stayed in did not supply a bath towel so we were very thankful we took these.

Shower Shoes!!! Put that on the top of your list! If you are staying in a hostel, you will be thankful you had these!!

1 pair of tennis shoes and 1 pair of chacos. I took TOMs but they got soaking wet in Pairs and smelled SO BAD that I ended up just throwing them away. 

Laundry sheets--these little sheets were PERFECT considering the fact we each took only 4 pair of unmentionables. We could wash them, hang them on the line, and they were dry before we left for the next city!

A platypus water bladder. Honestly, we could have left this thing at home. The one thing it was good for was the long plane and train rides!! However, when we were walking around the cities we just purchased 1L of water.

Make up--the basics

Hair Accessories--2 head bands and a fedora. THAT IS IT. I didn't even take a brush. Not because I didn't want to, I honestly forgot to pack it. Yes, I didn't brush my hair for 3 straight weeks. 

I got all of that in a 22 lb pack!! 


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