Friday, October 31, 2014

The First Trimester

If I had to describe my first trimester in one word it would be S.I.C.K!!! All day sickness kicked in full force on Easter (April 20th). The funny thing about it though, I was so thankful to be pregnant that I didn't mind the multiple trips to the bathroom getting sick. To me, getting sick was a blessing (in disguise) because I knew I had a baby inside my tummy growing big and strong!

 Praise Jesus for zofran! When I was 7 weeks my Doctor put me on zofran and it saved my life. Although I didn't feel completely normal, it helped me function and keep food down! 

I couldn't stand the smell of eggs or raw chicken
My cravings were Pimento cheese, pickles, and all things SALT
I ended up losing about 7 lbs in the very beginning due to so much sickness and food aversions.

May 1st: Seeing the baby for the first time! At 7 weeks 3 days we got to see our sweet little bean and hear the heartbeat! The baby was 1.25 cm and had a heartbeat of 146 .  Hearing the heartbeat for the first time was the best sound I've ever heard! 

Holding my clothes thinking I had a slight "bump" haha! 

At 11 Weeks we were able to see our baby with all of it's limbs! The baby was moving and wiggling all around! 

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