Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beckett: One Month

One Month//Jan. 19

Weight: 9lb 1 oz!!! (6.14 at birth)
Height: 21 3/4 ( 20 in at birth)

One Month Details // Celebrated her first Christmas // got to meet her Sweet P, Grampy, Auntie Mackenzie, Great Gran, MiMi, Papa Bear, Auntie Kailey, and Uncle Braxton!
//Took your first bath
// First stroller ride
//Auntie Ana came all the way from Pensacola to visit and snuggle you!! 

Clothes & Diapers // Newborn

Health // Happy and Healthy! Trying to stay away from the nasty flu germs!

Diet // 100% Breast milk 

Sleep //AMAZING. We swaddle her for every nap and at night time and she sleeps so much better. Right now she is taking about 2- 2.5 hr naps during the day and sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night!! 

Baby Gear Love //Beckett LOVES going for walks in the ergo. // She sleeps in her Rock n Play sleeper and I must say this is a MUST HAVE for all new babies! It is such a life saver--I can move her around the house with me during the day and she sleeps in it at night!

Likes//Daddy, Mommy, and Polo! //tummy time //sleeping//starting to like baths

Dislikes//Won't take a Pacis//HATES putting lotion on//does NOT like the mamaroo...so disappointing I really wanted her to love it!

Crying //cries when she has to poop {haha}//cries when she's overly tired 

Milestones //umbilical cord fell off on Dec. 24th! // Can hold your head up for short periods of time and turn it from side to side // SMILING at mommy and daddy!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Beckett Taylor Sharpe


6 lbs 14 oz. 

20 inches long

Born at 9:42 a.m. after 3 hrs. 45 min of labor and 10 min of pushing!

Little Lady, 
Mommy and Daddy are SO in love with you. We are so blessed to call you ours and we are so excited to watch you grow!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Recap of 2014: The Best Year EVER!

Advocare Regional Success School

 TONS of snow days!

Advocare Leadership School

Crashed Mackenzie's Spring Break in Naples!

Found out we were going to be moving to Arkansas, traveled to Arkansas and found a house!

Found out we were pregnant!

Celebrated Rachel's Bachelorette 

Told our families we were pregnant

Lauren and Andrew's Wedding

Rachel and Dale's Wedding

Heard Baby's heartbeat for the first time!

Celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary!

Moved to Arkansas

Found out our baby was a GIRL!!

Got to attend an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Advocare corporate offices for exclusive leadership training 

Advocare President's Party

Advocare Success School

Baby Shower in Louisville

Baby Shower in Arkansas 

Dale took me on a surprise BABYMOON to the mountains!!! 

Celebrated Chelsi & Clay's Wedding in Memphis

Celebrated Thanksgiving. We cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal for ourselves since I was 38 weeks pregnant and couldn't travel!

12.19.2014- the best day of our lives! Our sweet Beckett Taylor was born!

Received the best Christmas gift ever!