Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beckett// 8 Months

Beckett // 8 Months
Weight// 16.5 lbs 
Height// 27 in
small but mighty!
Eight Month Events // 
wow. this month has been busy busy busy
we traveled to florida to visit daddy
went to the tampa aquarium
louisville zoo
first homearama
daddy stopped through Louisville on his way to Michigan to visit
decided we were moving to louisville
packed up our house in AR and moved to KY!!
lunch with tons of friends

Clothes & Diapers //
some 6 month clothes and some 9 month clothes
size 2 diapers
*switched to honest co. diapers bc Beckett has pretty much kept a diaper rash since day 1. I am kicking myself for not switching her sooner. Her diaper rash has been gone since we switched to honest co!! 

Health //
healthy! no problems!

Diet //
eats 3 solid meals a day and 4 liquid meals
loves ALL food!
prefers drinking out of a normal cup over a sippy cup 

Sleep //
I know our next baby is probably going to be a terrible sleeper since Beckett is such a great sleeper
takes 2 1.5 hour naps a day and sometimes a 30-45 min cat nap in the evening
7:15pm-7:00 am without a peep!

Baby Gear Love //
baby pool
pretend cell phone
mommy's tennis shoes (laces)

Likes //
brushing her teeth
the bath and swimming pool! Water is her jam!
drinking out of big girl cups
feeding herself
people with glasses
itsy bisty spider and patty cake

running water behind her in the bathtub--she literally tries to crawl out of the bath
getting her face cleaned off after eating
staying up past bedtime 

Milestones //
pincer grasp
does "so big" and holds her arms up in the air
clasps her hands and shakes up and down like she wants to clap
waves bye bye
smacks her lips together to gives kisses