Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beckett// 10 Months

Beckett // 10 Months
Weight// 17.5 lbs
Height// 28 in
*this is a long post because we've been super busy this month*
Ten Month Events// 
Traveled a TONNNN
Went to Lansing, MI to visit Daddy
Visited with Kate, Jeremy, and Cassidy
Naples, FL to visit Sweet P and Grampy
Kingsport to see Emery and Jennifer
Left for PA for a month to see Mimi, Papa Bear, and Auntie K
pumpkin patch

Clothes & Diapers //
FINALLY size 3 diapers
some 6-9 month clothes mostly 9-12 month
9 month PJs are getting too short so we switched to 12 month

Health //
-ugh Beckett has kept a runny nose since we've been in Louisville The pedi thinks she has allergies and she is on children's claritin once a day.
-every time we leave Lou. her runny nose clears up
-two days ago Beckett threw up for the first time. We think it was a combo of drool and drainage from crying but still it broke my mama heart
-horrible diaper rash STILL. we've literally tried EVERYTHING. I feel so bad for her

Diet //
still gets 4 7oz bottles
3 solids meals a day
this little girl LOVES salmon and broccoli
breakfast is usually eggs, fruit, and a waffle
lunch: turkey and veggies
dinner: leftovers, pasta, or whatever we are eating

Sleep //
2 naps 

Baby Gear Love //
doesn't love much "gear" any more. She actually prefers anything BUT her toys.

Likes //
singing songs
being tickled
eyelashes on people and baby dolls 

putting on coats
diaper changes because of diaper rash

Milestones //
cutting 2 more teeth on top
knows sounds of dogs and monkeys
signs "more" and "please"
says mama, dada, baba, water,
crawls like a champ
pulls to standing
puts her arms up in the air when we say "touchdown tennessee"
dances on command when we say "oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah"

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beckett// 9 months

Beckett // 9 Months
Weight// 17.5 lbs (gained a whole pound this month!)
Height// 27.5 in

9 Month Events // 
Visited Daddy in Columbus and LOVED it
went to the zoo
went to a pumpkin patch
Daddy came to KY to see us

Clothes & Diapers //
size 2 diapers most of the month but FINALLY switched to size 3!
mostly 6 month outfits since it's been so hot and she still fits in them! but she's pretty much outgrown all of them. 

Health //
this has been a crazy month health wise!
-had her second cold thanks to the church nursery
-spiked a pretty high fever but thanks to skin to skin and tylenol we brought it down pretty quick
-had a horrendous diaper rash and had to go to the doctor. we got a prescription diaper rash cream (that wasn't covered by insurance!!!!!$60 for CREAM!), used corn starch with every diaper change, and gave her a probiotic 2x a day and it cleared right up! 

Diet //
4 liquid meals even though she rarely finishes a bottle
3 solid meals
loves all veggies, fruit, and yogurt melts
she doesn't get too excited about food (just like her daddy) but she doesn't hate anything either (except pureed meat but I don't blame her) so i'll take it! 

Sleep //
still amazing. 7p-7a
dropped her afternoon cat nap
2- 1.5 hour naps during the day

Baby Gear Love //
anything she can chew on
giraffe lovey

Likes //
sleeping with her giraffe
water in ALL forms- bath, pool, drinking water--she loves it all!!
singing and listening to music 

strangers --hello stranger danger
getting strapped in to anything but she's fine once she's in

Milestones //
cut top two teeth
gives hugs--omg cutest thing EVER
Pulling up to standing
Crawling on all 4s