Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beckett// 9 months

Beckett // 9 Months
Weight// 17.5 lbs (gained a whole pound this month!)
Height// 27.5 in

9 Month Events // 
Visited Daddy in Columbus and LOVED it
went to the zoo
went to a pumpkin patch
Daddy came to KY to see us

Clothes & Diapers //
size 2 diapers most of the month but FINALLY switched to size 3!
mostly 6 month outfits since it's been so hot and she still fits in them! but she's pretty much outgrown all of them. 

Health //
this has been a crazy month health wise!
-had her second cold thanks to the church nursery
-spiked a pretty high fever but thanks to skin to skin and tylenol we brought it down pretty quick
-had a horrendous diaper rash and had to go to the doctor. we got a prescription diaper rash cream (that wasn't covered by insurance!!!!!$60 for CREAM!), used corn starch with every diaper change, and gave her a probiotic 2x a day and it cleared right up! 

Diet //
4 liquid meals even though she rarely finishes a bottle
3 solid meals
loves all veggies, fruit, and yogurt melts
she doesn't get too excited about food (just like her daddy) but she doesn't hate anything either (except pureed meat but I don't blame her) so i'll take it! 

Sleep //
still amazing. 7p-7a
dropped her afternoon cat nap
2- 1.5 hour naps during the day

Baby Gear Love //
anything she can chew on
giraffe lovey

Likes //
sleeping with her giraffe
water in ALL forms- bath, pool, drinking water--she loves it all!!
singing and listening to music 

strangers --hello stranger danger
getting strapped in to anything but she's fine once she's in

Milestones //
cut top two teeth
gives hugs--omg cutest thing EVER
Pulling up to standing
Crawling on all 4s 

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