Sunday, June 9, 2013

{outdoor adventures}

I've mentioned before that we live in a S U P E R small town. 
Like really small. 
Like we don't even have a target small. 

Anyway, one of the only things our favorite spring/summer activities here is going on hikes. 
I am so thankful to finally have my husband back for the summer. We try to wake up every morning and do something active with Polo. We have really taken advantage of the awesome trails that are available to us while we live here. 

This hike we did IN THE RAIN!!! It was so much fun! The trees provided a little bit of shelter from the rain so it was tolerable. 

Polo made a friend on this hike!! It was SUCH a hard hike but there was a really cool flat piece of land at the top where settlers had their sweet little farm! 

This hike has such a beautiful view & it's pretty easy too! You can see three states all at once from the top of this mountain! 

This hike is a little more difficult. However, I like hikes with "rewards" in the end. This hike has two AWESOME rewards--a great view and a sand cave!! 


We get a great workout while hiking, get to enjoy each other with no annoyance of cell phones, and get to wear the little guy out!!

{bunch of randomness}

This past year my husband has been cheating on me with books and all things medicine!

Just kidding

But really...

It's very nice to have him HOME and I am trying to soak in every second of it!

One morning, we woke up early and took Mr. Polo for a long walk!! You can tell he was happy as a clam!

Speaking of Polo....we had him shaved!!! All of those beautiful wavy curls...gone! However, I can already tell he feels like a champ and is loving his summer do!!

While Polo was getting a hair cut I decided to waste some time and drive 45 min to the nearest homegoods and I am thankful I did!! I spent way too much money but got a cute pillow and throw blanket to create my perfect, serene bed room. 
*Note* Our summer project is staining our furniture!! 

I've been shopping hardcore for all things Europe lately! 

Found this super spicy leopard scarf at TJ Maxx!! 

Bought some super cute headbands for our Europe trip!!! I am not taking any hair products whatsoever so headbands are a must!! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

{girls weekend in atlanta}

Ok, so get this, my little from my sorority, Rachel, is marrying Dale, a guy who I have been friends with since kindergarten! They met at our wedding and have been in love ever since!  

How C R A Z Y is that?! 

This past weekend, my best friend Ana {who I haven't seen in almost a YEAR} and I were able to meet half way in Atlanta and spend time with Rachel and help her shop for wedding dresses! 

What a fun experience! I haven't even looked at dresses since I shopped for my own three years ago. It was so much fun to sit back and be in awe of every single gorgeous gown she tried on...and looked perfect in all of them! 

It all started on Thursday. I got to meet Ana at her parents home and what a reunion. Her mommy got it all on video and took plenty of pictures of us reuniting for the first time in a year. 

This photo is just us in a nutshell! 

Friday morning we woke up and went on a 3 mile walk! When we came home Ana's beautiful mom made us fresh juice and homemade oatmeal. She is a gem. This was the best green juice I've ever had!
 Friday afternoon we made the trip in to the city and met Rachel at Lenox. I found the most perfect fedora for our trip to Europe!!

Friday night we went to an awesome Tapas bar with ammaazzziinngg margaritas. We had the skinny 'rita!

I ate some yummy chipotle mango bbq salmon. o m g. yum! 

Ok so I tried to eat healthy all day but ended the night with this. This is our famous funfetti cookie cake we made at least once a week my senior year in college. No wonder I gained so much weight. This stuff is like crack.

Saturday we spent the entire day wedding dress shopping with this gorgeous gal. We had lunch and mimosas at the cute little french restaurant.

 We spent Saturday night at the swanky W hotel rooftop bar. We also kinda got screwed over by the staff but that's ok...we won't go there. It was fun regardless!!

I love my best friends and can't wait until we are reunited again!!!!