Sunday, June 9, 2013

{outdoor adventures}

I've mentioned before that we live in a S U P E R small town. 
Like really small. 
Like we don't even have a target small. 

Anyway, one of the only things our favorite spring/summer activities here is going on hikes. 
I am so thankful to finally have my husband back for the summer. We try to wake up every morning and do something active with Polo. We have really taken advantage of the awesome trails that are available to us while we live here. 

This hike we did IN THE RAIN!!! It was so much fun! The trees provided a little bit of shelter from the rain so it was tolerable. 

Polo made a friend on this hike!! It was SUCH a hard hike but there was a really cool flat piece of land at the top where settlers had their sweet little farm! 

This hike has such a beautiful view & it's pretty easy too! You can see three states all at once from the top of this mountain! 

This hike is a little more difficult. However, I like hikes with "rewards" in the end. This hike has two AWESOME rewards--a great view and a sand cave!! 


We get a great workout while hiking, get to enjoy each other with no annoyance of cell phones, and get to wear the little guy out!!

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