Monday, April 30, 2012

{puppy sharpe}

We are about to become a family of three! Yes, we have a baby on the way and he is full of fur! That's right! The Sharpe's are getting a puppy! We have wanted a Goldendoodle literally the past 5 years. I felt like i was so hard to find the *perfect* breeder that wasn't too far away. Then I would veer off and tell Dale that I wanted a small puppy, then a doodle, then something else. He always kept saying, "Brooke we've always wanted a goldendoodle. Stick with it and we will get one!
  After what seemed like a never ending search, it all came to an end. A sweet girl I cheered with in high school put me in contact with a family that went to our high school. Crazy small world! They had one male left. What can I say? It was meant to be! 

We went to meet him on Sunday. All kinds of thoughts were going through our heads. Now, yall that know me know that when I know something will happen, I immediately start planning. Dale, on the other had, is more analytical and thinks things through. He keeps me grounded. He was excited too but wanted me to be objective when meeting him. As soon as the breeders got him out of the car we both melted! My heart literally turned to mush when she placed him in my arms. He was the sweetest little boy! He gave us kisses and loved to lay in our arms. He didn't whine to cry the entire time. It was so sweet the way he lie there with his little paws crossed like "look at how cute I am. Ready to take me home?" Unfortunately we cannot bring him home until he is about 8 weeks so we have about 3 weeks left.  ....{I've already bought a dog bed, a treat jar, puppy pads, and a toy..yes, I'm excited}

We absolutely cannot wait to bring this furball into our life. It is the first BIG decision we have made as a married couple. I am so excited to raise a sweet little pooch with my amazing husband! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

{movie review}

As I lie here on the couch with my leg propped up {doctor's orders to keep it elevated for 48 hours} I have now watched 4 going on 5 movies. Since I have all the time in the world I will do a mini suggestion list for those of you that love movies! This list is the order I watched the movies, not the order I would rank them.

1. My Week with Marilyn
*great* movie! When I was in middle and high school I was OBSESSED with Marilyn Monroe. Everything from pictures in my bedroom, to a purse with her picture on it, to an entire Christmas tree decorated with pictures of her. I would have killed to see a movie like this when I was younger. 
This movie portrayed her in a very different light than I would've expected. She was such a sex symbol back in her day, yet on the inside so naive and insecure with herself. Poor girl. Seemed to have had it all but on the inside, had nothing. Would highly recommend this movie! 

2. the Descendants 
This movie really had no real plot line but it was relatively good. This is about a family who basically spends no time at all together but when the mother is in an accident, it forces them together. The father finds out some devastating news about his wife and goes on a quest to find answers. 

3. Breaking Dawn pt. 1
Duh everyone knows about this movie! I read the first 3 books but failed to finish...I'm weird. Loved the movie though and can't wait to see pt. 2! 

4. Midnight in Paris
Two of my favorite actors: Owen Wilson & Rachel McAdams. Wasn't paying too much attention because a lot was going on today while I was watching it! But, I don't think I'd run out and buy this movie tomorrow. {That's how I determine if I love a movie--would I own it?} 

5. War Horse

Sunday, April 15, 2012

{scary words}

Let me start at the beginning. A couple of months ago I noticed a funny looking mole on my left leg. I kept convincing myself that it was nothing but I wanted to be safe and have it checked anyway. I called the dermatologist and made an appointment but they couldn't get me in for like a month. Actually at one point, I thought about canceling my appointment because I didn't want to pay to go to the dermatologist {stupid, I know}.

I went in on a Tuesday and the dermatologist took off two places "just to be safe". The spots were sent off to the lab to be tested. In 2 weeks I would either get a phone call {bad news} or a letter in the mail {good news}. This past Thursday I got the dreaded phone call. I was at work so I checked my phone and had a missed call and voicemail. When I listened to it, I knew it was going to be bad news. I immediately broke down right there at school. Everyone tried to console me saying not to freak. {thank goodness I have an amazing husband who calmed my nerves a bit}. Dale and I went in the next day {Friday}. The results: MELANOMA. WHAT?!?! SKIN CANCER?? I'm 23 years old! I can't have melanoma! Thank goodness I caught it when I did because it hasn't spread anywhere else.

When I heard these words first, I was mad. Then I knew that I had to praise God because even though I got terrible news, I am VERY thankful that it had not spread anywhere else. It will be easy to take care of. I go in for surgery in two weeks to have layers cut out and tested to make sure they got it all.

Needless to say, I am forever DONE with the tanning bed. From now on I have to get checked every 3 months for the next year and if I'm cleared after that I have to go every 6 months for the I was also advised to wear sunscreen every single day. Face, arms and legs. Today I bought 50 SPF for face and body AND makeup with SPF. I can go out in the sun but I can't "lay out" anymore. Coming from a person who was obsessed with being BROWN this will be hard but so worth it. I'm terrified!

I was very hesitant to blog about this in the first place but my hope is that someone who does still tan will listen and stop going. I knew thought it would be me! I'm 23. I did this to myself and I regret it so much!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

{Northern Cali. Part Two}

{Day 5} We ventured into the city! We started out by taking a boat ride to Alcatraz. This was like on the top of Dale's to do list while in San Fran! He loves history! It was a lot more interesting that I imagined! Unfortunately while we were there it got super foggy so we could barely see the Golden Gate Bridge :(

After Alcatraz we went to Ghirardelli square and had so YUMMY ice cream! {yes I had to take my pill but so worth it}
{Lombard Street}
{Day 6} Zip lining through the Red Woods! WOW! What an incredible experience! I never thought I was scared of heights but some of those trees are GIANT and being up there on a little wooden platform is kind of scary! We had incredible views and had such a blast doing it!

{tree huggers}
After zip lining we went to the Pier and found some cute fat little lards hanging out!
Went back to Half Moon Bay and hiked down to the beach!
Found a cave!

{Day 7} My main goal: Napa! We are definitely not "winos" at all but I do enjoy a good glass of Cab. After Napa we are for sure connoisseurs! {not} And ya'll have to know my in-laws... pure bred beer drinkers. Nothing else. Beer. This was totally out of their element but they ended up LOVING it! My m.i.l. bought TONS of wine to have shipped back so we can enjoy it here!

We really wanted to find a wine that we both enjoyed so we could share a bottle every now and then.
We went to V.Sattui first as suggested by a friend! My top favorite winery {maybe because I remember it the best} Their Gamay Rouge is TO.DIE.FOR. Period!
{They had a cute little Deli where you could buy yummy sandwiches. They also had picnic tables set up outside for the perfect picnic!}

Other wineries we visited: Flora Springs (just o.k), Peju, Chandon--champagne SOOO good!

We had such a fun trip with so many memories to take away! We loved Northern California and would go back in a heartbeat!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Northern Cali. Part One}

We got very lucky this year during spring break. Thankfully Dale and I both were off the exact same week! Dale's dad just got a new job out in San Fran so we all decided what a perfect time to take an amazing vacation out to Northern California! I'm pretty sure that I have the best in-laws ever! Let me tell! I think we pretty much experienced all that NorCal has to offer and we loved every second of it! We are ready to move now!

{Day 1}We started our vacation by driving up to Tahoe. We stayed and skied in Squaw Valley. It was the most beautiful place full of snow that I've ever seen. I've never witnessed that much snow in my whole life! The first day we went on snow mobiles. To make a long story short: I basically almost died. The dude took off without us, I took a turn around a sharp curve and my ski plummeted off into a ditch and threw me into a snow bank. When I pulled myself out I was up to my chest in snow! I freaked out!

{Day 2} we went skiing! I've never been real skiing before so of course I had a few frustrating moments. Thankfully I have the most encouraging husband ever and he helped me tremendously! We skied all day and had a BLAST! When skiing was over we started the trek back to San Fran and got stuck on the interstate in a blizzard! People were making snowmen on the side of the road!!

{Day 3} We did the 17 mile drive! OH.MY.WORD. The most gorgeous scenery you will ever see. I can't even explain it but pictures cannot even do it justice!

{fat sea lions just hangin' out-- I thought they were dead}
{from snow to ocean}
{Day 4} We went to Halfmoon Bay and the boys played golf while the girls had a spa day at the Ritz! The whole 9 yards! Massage, facial, mani/pedi! ZEN!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

{vegan lasagna}

monday I made a vegan lasagna found {here} that is to.die.for. seriously. my husband even said he doesn't miss the meat! I followed the recipe but used regular lasagna noodles {instead of no boil}, added in mushrooms and got some diaya cheese and added it on top. so good! highly recommend you try it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

{fun weekend with friends}

This past weekend our friends Rachel and Dale came in town and we decided to go hiking. Saturday was a beautiful day and perfect for an outdoor adventure. We took them up to the Smokies and hiked the Chimneys! It was 4 miles round trip which was a good starter. I swear it was up hill the WHOLE time! Let me tell you what. The hard hike was so worth it. The views from the top were stunning. We sat at the top just looking around and chatting for about 30 min. before we decided to head back down. If you're ever in the smokies I highly recommend going to the Chimney Tops!
We loved having them in town!! Fun fun weekend!!