Monday, April 27, 2015

Beckett// 4 Months

Beckett // Four Months 
Weight// 12 lbs 12 oz 
Height// 24.5 in

Beckett you have changed SO much this month! You are no longer a teeny newborn anymore. We have loved watching you learn so many new things and you have grown so much. This month you started laughing, found your toes, started sucking your thumb, and have developed quite the personality! A year ago (April 11th) we found out that you would be joining our family. Those tiny pink lines forever changed our lives and we never could've imagined life would be this amazing with you! We are so blessed with a happy baby!

Four Month Events // 
Beckett's new BFF Juilana Grace was born 3/26/2015
Mimi and Auntie K came to visit 
Celebrated 1st Easter
Clothes & Diapers // still 0-3 months, some 3-6 months and size 1 diapers

Health // Happy and healthy girl

Diet // Still 100% Breast Milk 

Sleep // Sleeps 12 hours at night 7:15pm-7:00am
Naps are great! Takes 2, 2 hour naps, and one 45 min nap
This month she dropped her last nap so she's up from 4:45p until bed time at 7:15p
Naps without swaddle but we use Halo Sleep Sack at night

Baby Gear Love //
Rainforest Jumperoo
Still loves her Kick N Play Piano Gym
Crinkley Baby Doll

Likes //
Bath- right after she turned 3 months she started going CRAZY in her bath tub. She trashes around and kicks her legs so hard! It's so funny!
Loves chewing on her hands. Found her thumb this month.
Loves getting a baby massage before bed
ceiling fans
playing airplane
looking in the mirror
TV -even though we don't let her watch TV, when it's on she will practically break her neck to see it.
Singing "Shake it Off"- she giggles so hard during this song!

Being hot
Car seat at first 

Crying //
Cries when she is sleepy and that's about it. We are blessed with a happy girl!

Milestones //
First Laugh 3/20/2015
Found her toes 4/1/2015
Reaching and grasping toys
Found her voice
has rolled from tummy to back a few times but not consistent yet