Friday, March 20, 2015

Beckett // Three Months

Beckett // Three Months
Weight// About 12 lbs
Height// 23 in

Three Month Details // 
Mimi and Papa Bear came to visit!
Went to a restaurant for the first time 
Kate and Cassidy came to visit
Jennifer and Emery came to visit 
Celebrated mommy's 26th (!!!) birthday

Clothes & Diapers // Still in 0-3 clothes and size 1 diapers

Health // healthy girl! 

Diet // 100% Breast milk 

Sleep // Started sleeping in her crib at 9 weeks old! It took 2 nights for her to get adjusted. Has been waking up around 4:45, eats for 10 min, and goes right back to sleep. Started swaddling with one arm out. 

Baby Gear Love //
//glow seahorse
//vtech singing puppy dog

Likes //
//splashing in the bathtub
//when mommy and daddy wake her up she smiles SO big
//when we sing to her

//putting on clothes
//bottles and pacis
//did hate tummy time but tolerating it much better this past week 

Crying //
She's a happy baby most of the time!
She cries when she's sleepy or when she is over tummy time.

Milestones //
//cooing so much more
//holds toys and rattle
//tries to imitate sounds
//holds head up and turns it from side to side
//tracks objects across midline