Friday, August 2, 2013

{Backpacking Through Europe: Paris}

Paris is typically known as the city of love and romance. The city where you can find couples kissing everywhere, holding hands, and staring in to each others eyes. For us, it was run as fast as you can to see as much as you can in 24 hours. With a wee bit of romance and hand holding thrown in between. 

We took a high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris on Saturday, June 22. We checked in to Emeraude Hotel Lodge du Centre Paris. We freshened up as quickly as possible and made our way to the metro. 

The funny thing about the Eiffel Tower is that it is literally breathtaking the first AND the second time you see it. You always see so many pictures of the Eiffel Tower whether it be browsing the aisles of homegoods or the pages of vogue magazine. No matter how many times you see pictures, seeing it in person takes your breath away. 

Last time I was in Paris we did not get to see it at nighttime. This time it was at the top of my list to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night! 

After seeing the Eiffel Tower during day light, we decided to find a "cheap" place for dinner and wait until the sun went down. We ate dinner at Bistro de Lonchamp and it was very tasty and nice to eat a meal for 7 Euro a piece AND have a NICE waiter that spoke English!

We went down the road after dinner and bought a bottle of wine at a cheap store {no cups, no bottle opener} and made our way to the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. We met a nice, older American couple from Texas that opened our wine for us--those nice Americans!
I got my wish and got to see the Eiffel Tower twinkle at night. I didn't realize that it only lasts for 4 minutes--11:00-11:04!

Dale was hungry again and got a nutella crepe and O.M.G it was HEAVENLY!

The next day we RAN through the city because we had about 10 hours left in Paris! We walked ran down Champs de Elysees , saw Louis Vuttion and  Arc de Triumph. We RAN through the Lurve in 2 hours flat, said hey to Mona and the Egyptians and left!

Tried getting a picture with Mona--talk about claustrophobia {and Mona didn't even make the pic}

We stood in line for Notre Dam. The weather at this point was crazy. It went from freezing cold, to blazing hot, to POURING down rain in about an hour!

Before we left Paris we got another Nutella Crepe, this time with banana added in {that makes it healthy, right?}

Au Revoir Pairs!

The night of June 23 we boarded an overnight {regular speed}train to Barcelona. I say regular speed because this train ride was TEN HOURS. This was literally the worst night of my life. I do not sleep well unless I am in a bed. I am not the type of person that can fall asleep in a car, doctors office, airplane, boat, train, you name it. Unless I am horizontal, forget it! I did not sleep a WINK on this dang train.

We literally booked the train the DAY tickets became available and cabins were already, somehow sold out. We were forced to settle for "reclining" seats. We figured it would be ok. No. It was TERRIBLE.
This picture was taken "pre" take off. We were excited to be heading to Barcelona. See how I had my seat covered with the blanket? I was terrified of germs! And check out Dale's baguette! haha! Always prepared with extra food!!