Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beckett// 6 Months

Beckett // 6 Months
Weight// 14 lbs 4 oz
Height// 26.75 inches
I feel like her weight was wrong at the doctor. The nurse did it super fast. At home she is 15+ lbs on our scale but oh well! 

**I know these are long posts but I like to document so that I can go back and remember what Beckett was doing at each age!
Six Month Events // 
Ok. So far this is my favorite age! Beckett is developing a little personality, likes and dislikes, is able to stay awake a lot longer BUT she's not on the move yet and she's still my little baby!
I feel like I say this every month but Beckett has really changed SO much this past month. She is so curious and full of expression. A lot of people in the airport commented on how she has so many different expressions. Beckett became a lot more vocal this month too. She LOVES reaching and when she gets excited she kicks her legs and waves her arms like she is splashing in the water. Speaking of water, we took Beckett to the beach this month! We went with Dale's side of the family to Hilton Head! Beckett loved the ocean and she was so good the whole time! I will do an individual post with our beach pictures.
Clothes & Diapers //
Size 2 diapers (don't see that changing any time soon)
6 months 

Health //
Healthy girl!
Started teething this month so she's been super drooly and fussy in the evenings 

Diet //
Breast milk
We started a few solids when she was a couple days shy of her 6 month birthday. We are doing Baby Led Weaning and Beckett is so great at grabbing food and chewing it!
OH! And homegirl decided to start taking bottles this month!! We aren't planning to switch to bottles any time soon but it will give me break when I want or need it! 

Sleep //
oh gosh. where do I even begin?
My amazing sleeper changed at 5 months. Between leap #5 and teething her nighttime sleep has been all over the place. She still sleeps well- goes down at 7 and wakes up at 7 but she's been waking 1-2 times a night and that is not normal for her. When she wakes I nurse her and she goes right back to sleep but I'm really trying to not start that habit!
Takes 2-2 hour naps and sometimes 1 30 min cat nap in the evening.
Started sleeping on her belly. 

Baby Gear Love //
Beckett fell in LOVE with her toys this month!
LOVES her jumperoo
crawl ball
my pal violet
push walker-she sits in front of it and presses the buttons
loves any toy that lights up and/or sings
sophie the giraffe

Likes //
reaches for EVERYTHING
loves feeling every wreath we walk past
always reaches for my water bottle/ spark cup
LOVES her Daddy and thinks he is the funniest person in the world
Giggles when Daddy gives her kisses and it melts my heart!
finds the tag on everything! Even on taggies toys she still finds the "real" tag
singing "Old McDonald" she loves when i do the chick and say "peep peep peep"

Beckett does not like having her face and hands wiped off after a messy oatmeal breakfast
still doesn't love the bumbo she would prefer to sit on her own
teething :(

Crying //
teething pain and it breaks my heart
when she's tired

Milestones //
rolling over like crazy
started sleeping on her belly
sitting up!
signing "more"