Friday, June 29, 2012

{small town u.s.a}

Some of you may know that my amazing, smart hubs recently was accepted in to medical school. Along with this came a lot of different decisions. We would have to move for him to be closer to school in order to study in to the wee hours of the morning. Thus, we began the house hunt

His school has a "classifieds" section on the website where former students or people in the area rent homes to the med students. For 2 weeks straight, I swear, every single house I called about that looked "perfect" for us was already rented out. I got very stressed and very distraught. Were we ever going to find a house? We finally found what we thought was the perfect home. Completely re-done in 2008, 2 br/2 ba blah blah blah...anyway long story short, the dude completely screwed us over {and I mean that in the nicest way possible}. Our hearts were set on this house. 

So, the search began once again. One day I was searching and came across a perfect, brand new home. We went up the very next day to tour and talk with the owner. It was absolutely perfect! Fenced in yard for Polo, 3 br/2 ba, wood floors, and brand new! I wasn't getting my heart set on it because I didn't want it to fall through. The guy originally wanted to sell decided to let us rent! We are beyond thrilled we will be moving next week! It's all happening so fast!

We will be moving to about an 1 hr 15 min from beloved knoxville. This means no Earth Fare, no mall, no neighborhood barre {don't get me started I might cry}, no restaurants {unless you are the Long John Silver type}. However, this will be such a fun season in our lives! It will be fun to experience a small town since I never have before, always living in big cities. We will get to experience the outdoors together, take Polo on hikes, have cook out with our "new" friends {don't know who these people are yet but they are there haha}. I am so excited for Dale as be begins this journey that he has dreamed of his whole life! I will be a proud wife standing by him every step of the way! 

We will keep you updated with pics as we get it decorated!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

{hummus pizza}

My best friend and kindred spirit introduced me to the yummiest food that I've ever had!
 Hummus pizza! This stuff is 
and so easy! 

Pre-made pizza dough {ours was from whole foods} or you can make your own
hummus {flavor of your choice}
red and yellow peppers
mushrooms {if you like}
goat cheese

Roast your bell peppers in the oven at 425 for 30 min
take out and slice bell peppers
slice and chop rest of your veggies
spread hummus over entire pizza crust
 sprinkle veggies over pizza 
sprinkle goat cheese on top
bake pizza as directed on pizza crust directions
 {ours was 450 for 10 min}

Easy as {pizza} pie

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{from drab to fab}

In the midst of finding a new home we have had to find lots of new furniture too! We are moving from a 1br/1ba apartment to a 3 br/2 ba home! It's insane how much more stuff we need! When we found out we would be moving, being the list maker, type-a, that I am, I made a huge to-do list of things we needed to buy. One of which was a new dresser. I searched and searched on craigslist and finally found one that I thought would be perfect. 

Original Color...sorry I don't have a better pic of the whole dresser! 

drawer in progress!
We were going to do our new bedroom in cool blue, green, and white. When we picked up the dresser {which we didn't have to buy} I knew the color blue was going to be way off. Plus, it didn't help that the dude who sold it to us said, "so are you going to be using this in a baby room?" Heck no! I HAD to paint it!
After asking people on facebook and talking to a lot of people who knew about painting furniture, I decided to go with Annie Sloan's Chalk paint and boy am I glad I did! This stuff is AMAZING!! They call it "a girl's paint" because it's so hard to mess up! It requires zero priming or sanding prior to painting the furniture! Just pour out the paint and brush right on to your piece! You have to buy a clear {or dark} wax to put on top of it because, well, it's like chalk and you have to seal it. Run to your nearest stockist and get this paint if you are painting any type of furniture! 

I used old ochre with a clear soft wax! 

 I have since changed my mind and we are going to use the new dresser in our guest bedroom! I am excited and I love how it turned out! I am still on the hunt for new dresser pulls! Let me know if you find any that are cheaper than $8/ pull!

Pictures of the finished dresser to come....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

{pick me up}

Just in case you were having a "ruff" day. Here is an adorable picture to get you through the day! Little
Polo at 6 weeks! 
Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

{year one}

oh. my. word. this first year of marriage has flown by!
we look back and think of all of the fun and incredible things we've done:
honeymooned in Antigua
went to HHI
lake trip
I started my first job as a special ed. teacher
many VOLS football games
vacationed in Naples, FL
diagnosed and treated melanoma
dale graduated from undergrad
dale got in to MEDICAL school
we got a puppy
wrecked my car
moved out of our first teeny apartment
got our first home

The Sharpe Family!
We have seen and accomplished so much in our first year of marriage and have enjoyed every minute of it. "They" say that the first year is the hardest but if that's true then bring on the next 50+ years.

I finally got to wear my wedding perfume again!
For our 1st Anniversary we decided to make it pretty low key since a) cannot do anything too extravagant because we have Mr. Polo and b) it was father's day and Dale's dad was in town!!

 Dale's aunt gave us a very nice bottle of Cabernet when we got married and said to save it for our first anniversary. It was hard because we loovee cab. but we did it! We took our anniversary cake, some wine glasses, our bottle of wine, a quilt, and a candle to a park by the river. We laid it all out and just enjoyed each others company while the sun set. After the sun set, we laid under the stars and watched hundreds or thousands of lightning bugs light up the field! It was beautiful and I would not change it for the world! 
Picnic by the river
Monday night, we went to a nice restaurant in West Knox. to enjoy yummy food and each other's company. 
I love my handsome husband!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

{organic veggie packed pasta}

During the summer I like to eat 'light' dinners since we mainly eat outside and don't want anything too heavy. Last night my hubs wanted some pasta so my mind starting rollin...What kind of pasta  could I make that won't be too heavy? I went to the grocery and bought the 'goods'

-orange bell pepper
-grape tomatoes
-organic rotini pasta

{we already had some mushrooms and a yellow onion so I threw those in there too}
drizzled a little o.o. in a pan, threw all my veggies in {chopped of course} and sauteeted away! 
boiled the noodles as directed

once the veggies were sauteed, I mixed them in with the pasta drizzled a teeny bit more olive oil over and some s&p and waa-la! Super light veggie packed pasta!!! 

**can sprinkle some fresh mozzarella over top while it's still hot