Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{from drab to fab}

In the midst of finding a new home we have had to find lots of new furniture too! We are moving from a 1br/1ba apartment to a 3 br/2 ba home! It's insane how much more stuff we need! When we found out we would be moving, being the list maker, type-a, that I am, I made a huge to-do list of things we needed to buy. One of which was a new dresser. I searched and searched on craigslist and finally found one that I thought would be perfect. 

Original Color...sorry I don't have a better pic of the whole dresser! 

drawer in progress!
We were going to do our new bedroom in cool blue, green, and white. When we picked up the dresser {which we didn't have to buy} I knew the color blue was going to be way off. Plus, it didn't help that the dude who sold it to us said, "so are you going to be using this in a baby room?" Heck no! I HAD to paint it!
After asking people on facebook and talking to a lot of people who knew about painting furniture, I decided to go with Annie Sloan's Chalk paint and boy am I glad I did! This stuff is AMAZING!! They call it "a girl's paint" because it's so hard to mess up! It requires zero priming or sanding prior to painting the furniture! Just pour out the paint and brush right on to your piece! You have to buy a clear {or dark} wax to put on top of it because, well, it's like chalk and you have to seal it. Run to your nearest stockist and get this paint if you are painting any type of furniture! 

I used old ochre with a clear soft wax! 

 I have since changed my mind and we are going to use the new dresser in our guest bedroom! I am excited and I love how it turned out! I am still on the hunt for new dresser pulls! Let me know if you find any that are cheaper than $8/ pull!

Pictures of the finished dresser to come....


  1. What a great find! I'm so excited to see your projects and can't wait to see your cute new house. I'm sure everything will be beautiful. I loved seeing your apartment photos. And you're right, it's crazy how much stuff you need! We are moving to a 2br, and I can't believe how much we need to get for just another bedroom and bath! ha.

    1. I can't wait to do more projects! They are so much fun and kinda stress relieving! Can't wait to see YOUR photos as well!! Moving will be stressful but so much fun at the same time! It's crazy how much "stuff" we "have" to buy! I like shopping so I won't complain! haha

  2. Hobby Lobby! They have really cute knobs and stuff pretty reasonable. (Plus there is always a coupon for 40% off on their website.) It's my go to place for home dec stuff. :)

    1. Thanks! I keep meaning to stop by and check out their knobs!!