Thursday, June 7, 2012

{organic veggie packed pasta}

During the summer I like to eat 'light' dinners since we mainly eat outside and don't want anything too heavy. Last night my hubs wanted some pasta so my mind starting rollin...What kind of pasta  could I make that won't be too heavy? I went to the grocery and bought the 'goods'

-orange bell pepper
-grape tomatoes
-organic rotini pasta

{we already had some mushrooms and a yellow onion so I threw those in there too}
drizzled a little o.o. in a pan, threw all my veggies in {chopped of course} and sauteeted away! 
boiled the noodles as directed

once the veggies were sauteed, I mixed them in with the pasta drizzled a teeny bit more olive oil over and some s&p and waa-la! Super light veggie packed pasta!!! 

**can sprinkle some fresh mozzarella over top while it's still hot 

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