Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Beckett// 12 Months

Beckett //12 Months
Weight// 19.8 lbs
Height// 29 inches

Twelve Month Events// 
I can't believe we have a one year old. Everyone always told me that time flies when you have a baby but I never understood it until I lived it. It feels like I was pregnant like 3 months ago. This has been the most fun year of our lives and it is such a joy watching Beckett learn and grow!

12 month pictures have been the hardest by FAR. I started sweating about 2 minutes in and finally decided to just let her hold the sticker because that's all she wanted to do.
-celebrated Trent's birthday
-celebrated Thanksgiving and ate ALL of the food
-had one year photos taken
-played with Hank, Garret and Aiden
-went to the zoo

Clothes & Diapers //
12 month clothes
size 3 diapers

Health //
Healthy girl! Praise Jesus!
Beckett got 3 new teeth for a total of 8 teeth!! 

Diet //
Down to one bottle before bed. All other meals are combined with a straw cup.
Mixing formula with hemp milk to begin the transition to only hemp milk.

Eats 3 meals and one snack a day- all the same food we eat

Obsessed with "nanas", tacos, chicken, waffles, and puffs

Sleep //
still sleeping awesome.
12 hours at night 7-7
2 naps during the day

Baby Gear Love //
right now she loves anything that ISN'T a baby toy
She loves car keys, water bottles, tylenol bottles

I walked in to the gym nursery the other day and there were two little girls carrying around baby dolls and beckett had a pretend syringe in her hand (future doctor's kid)

Likes // 
being tickled
eating oh my gosh this girl can eat
ripping paper (good thing christmas is coming)

sitting still 

Milestones //
stands by herself
cruising around furniture
uses only straw cups
finds something "dirty" on the ground and will hand it to us
blows on food when i tell her it's hot
new words this month: no no no, bye bye, nana
can sign: eat, milk, all done, please, more
new sounds: elephant, bear, santa 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Beckett's Birth Story {one year later}

I originally wrote this post on 1/3/15 but decided to wait until close to her first birthday to post her birth story. I wanted to post this so that I can go back and re- live this day!

The most empowering, strongest, and best day of my life! 

My due date was 12.15.14 
We waited and waited and waited for Beckett's arrival and she decided she wanted to be fashionably late. We tried every old wives tale to induce labor: pineapple, walked 36 miles in a week, made eggplant parmesan...we did it ALL! 

We went to the Dr. on Dec. 15th and I was 75% effaced but 0cm dilated. I cried. We discussed an induction since I was showing no signs of dilation. I wanted Beckett to be here before Christmas and my Dr. didn't want me going past 41 weeks. 

We set the date for 12.19.14

The "plan" was to go in at midnight, get 2 doses of a medication to help me dilate, the Dr. would break my water, and start me on pitocin. But my HOPE was that after one dose of the medication to help me dilate that my body would go in to labor on it's own. 

Dale and I arrived at the hospital on 12.19 at 12:30am to check in. I was given 1 dose of medication at 1:30 am and tried to get some sleep. I was woken up at 5:55 am and woke Dale up. I said, "either I just peed or my water just broke." I pressed the call button for the nurse and she quickly came in. She checked me and I was 3 cm dilated and now having STRONG, consistent contractions that were 1:30-2:00 min apart. Thankfully I didn't have to have a 2nd dose of medication, didn't have to have them break my water, and didn't need pitocin. My body just needed a teeny kick start!

Dale was so amazing through my entire labor. Dale rubbed my back through each contraction, watched the monitor during my contractions and let me know when they were easing up, and helped me breathe. 

The nurse came in around 7:30am and told me that the CRNA was going in to 2 back to back c-sections and if I wanted an epidural then I needed it NOW. I declined. I wanted to push through and experience EVERY part of labor naturally....and boy I did! 

I continued to have strong contractions until about 9:00am and they kicked in FULL FORCE. I was literally yelling. I'm sure everyone on the L&D floor heard me yelling through each contraction. I called the nurse back in and said, "you have to check me now because I NEED to push." For some reason I was convinced that I would only be 5 cm or so and not be able to push yet.  She checked me and quickly made a call and said, "we have a delivery in room one ready to go!" My dr. wasn't even at the hospital, they had to call him over from the clinic. Luckily, I had amazing nurses and an amazing husband who coached me through the entire process. I continued to yell and finally a nurse said, "instead of yelling, just push" Praise the Lord! Pushing actually felt good, in a weird way! 

Our Doctor and Dale got pretty close through my entire pregnancy and since he knew Dale was in medical school and just completed an OBGYN rotation, he gave Dale a gown and gloves and said, "get ready to deliver your baby girl!"
Dale was holding my hand at the time and the nurse took his spot.

I only had to push for 10 min and Beckett made her debut at 9:42 am and her daddy delivered her which was the most proud moment of Dale's life! Not many kids can say that their daddy delivered them! The nurse handed me the scissors and let me cut her umbilical cord!

What special memories we have of 12.19.14! The Lord blessed us with our beautiful Beckett weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz, 20 in. long!

I could go back and re-live this day 1,000 more times. We are so thankful for such a beautiful and healthy delivery!