Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Beckett// 12 Months

Beckett //12 Months
Weight// 19.8 lbs
Height// 29 inches

Twelve Month Events// 
I can't believe we have a one year old. Everyone always told me that time flies when you have a baby but I never understood it until I lived it. It feels like I was pregnant like 3 months ago. This has been the most fun year of our lives and it is such a joy watching Beckett learn and grow!

12 month pictures have been the hardest by FAR. I started sweating about 2 minutes in and finally decided to just let her hold the sticker because that's all she wanted to do.
-celebrated Trent's birthday
-celebrated Thanksgiving and ate ALL of the food
-had one year photos taken
-played with Hank, Garret and Aiden
-went to the zoo

Clothes & Diapers //
12 month clothes
size 3 diapers

Health //
Healthy girl! Praise Jesus!
Beckett got 3 new teeth for a total of 8 teeth!! 

Diet //
Down to one bottle before bed. All other meals are combined with a straw cup.
Mixing formula with hemp milk to begin the transition to only hemp milk.

Eats 3 meals and one snack a day- all the same food we eat

Obsessed with "nanas", tacos, chicken, waffles, and puffs

Sleep //
still sleeping awesome.
12 hours at night 7-7
2 naps during the day

Baby Gear Love //
right now she loves anything that ISN'T a baby toy
She loves car keys, water bottles, tylenol bottles

I walked in to the gym nursery the other day and there were two little girls carrying around baby dolls and beckett had a pretend syringe in her hand (future doctor's kid)

Likes // 
being tickled
eating oh my gosh this girl can eat
ripping paper (good thing christmas is coming)

sitting still 

Milestones //
stands by herself
cruising around furniture
uses only straw cups
finds something "dirty" on the ground and will hand it to us
blows on food when i tell her it's hot
new words this month: no no no, bye bye, nana
can sign: eat, milk, all done, please, more
new sounds: elephant, bear, santa 

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