Sunday, August 26, 2012

{our love story pt. 1}

Dale and I have a unique love story. See, we went to school together since 7th grade but we did not start dating until senior year of high school. Dale and I were always really good friends. In fact, when he moved to Louisville in the middle of 7th grade I saw him in the office on his first day and ran back to tell my friends that there was a “hot” new guy in our school. Dale and I exchanged phone numbers that day {yeah, I didn’t mess around} and chatted on the phone for hours on end. 
We stayed friends throughout middle and high school when one day senior year something just clicked. I had a crush on Dale. I made sure he knew about it too. One of my best friends was dating a guy at the time who was on the baseball team with Dale. They were suppossed to have practice every day after school. Well, this particular day it rained ALL day long and practice got canceled. My friends boyfriend {who knew I had a crush on Dale} said, "since we don’t have practice why don’t we all go to Panera and get dinner?" Brilliant! After panera, I was smiten, head over heels. Dale called me as soon as I got home and invited me to his baseball game the next night. From then on, we spent countless nights going to games and then out to dinner after the game. After dinner we would sit in his car and talk for hours and hours until it was time to go home. 

The Panera Crew 
Senior prom was coming up so I talked to his sister Kailey and made sure Dale knew I wanted to go with him.  Dale had gotten word that another guy was going to ask me to prom, so during 7th period he texted me “what class are you in?” Little did he know, I did not have text messaging on my phone {my dad was so old school-no voicemail or text}. Therefore, I didn’t respond to the text. He asked all of my friends until he found out I was in psychology class. Knocked on the door in the middle of class and said “hey, can I talk to Brooke?” My face turned BLOOD red as I walked out the door. He proceeded to ask me to prom and we had the time of our lives. We rode to prom in one our friend’s Dad’s RVs and danced the night away! 

Graduaton came and on June 1st , 2007 Dale officially asked me to be his girlfriend! Of course, I said yes. One problem, college was just around the corner and we were going to be 2 hours and 30 min away from each other. be continued...part 2 coming soon! 

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