Monday, August 27, 2012

{our love story pt. 2}

Continued from part one here. We promised we would make it work. It turned out to be easier than we excepted to see each other. Dale's first year, he went to Georgia Tech so it was only a little over 2 hours to drive. We had so much fun in Atlanta. We visited the Georgia Aquarium, went to a Braves game, World of Coke Museum, and a lot of places for dinner. 

However, it wans’t all rainbows and’s hard work making a relationship last when you go up to 6 weeks at times with out seeing each other. Dale's sophomore year, he transferred to University of Tennessee so the drive turned from 2 hours to over 4 hours. BUT, with hard work and determination, we made it work and did not break up once through college! We enjoyed football games together, my sorority parties and formals, and random relaxing weekends together. 

I would not change the tough times for anything because it made us who we are. We know what life is like through a long distance relationship and if we can make it through 4 years of that, we can make it through any thing! We knew in to college that when I graduated we would be ready for marriage and to just be together since we had spent 4 long years apart. 

...part three coming next: Engagement story...


  1. My husband and I were long distance till we got married, and I sure wouldn't want to do that again--though we did have so much fun, even being apart. The longest we went without seeing each other was 3 months....not that long in the grand scheme of things...but still longer than we would have liked!

    1. Wow! Three months? That's a long time! I think the longest we went was 6 weeks but it was HARD! I think it made us stronger in the long run!

  2. You story is so cute! You two are soul mates :) I couldn't agree more than having challenges during your dating phase is good because it creates such a strong foundation! My husband and I's story is one of those - we went through a lot of ups and downs but in the end it was worth it because now we have our happily ever after.. as you do too! Love your blog!