Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beckett// 7 Months

Beckett // 7 Months
Weight// 15.8 (weighed at home)
Height// 27 in (measured at home)

Seven Month Events // 
This one goes at the top of my list: BECKETT IS OFFICIALLY A BOTTLE CHAMP!!!
12 hour road trip to Louisville and she was a saint!
Stayed in Louisville for a whole month. We've had so much fun!
Visited with Trent, Leighton, Garrett & Hank
Met her extended family!
Left for Florida to visit DADDY!!!

Beckett is so funny. When she around people that she knows and recognizes she's so talkative and smiley but when we are in a new environment around new people she is very stoic and takes it all in. She's a curious little one and I love to watch her study people and things!

Clothes & Diapers //
Size 2 Diaper -still don't see that changing any time soon although the straps no longer touch!
6 Month Clothes

This month we switched to Pampers Baby Dry for overnight diapers. Beckett was leaking out of her diapers every single night. So far the baby dry have been amazing. 

Health // 
I was able to start taking Beckett to my gym's child care when she turned 6 months and of course she caught her first cold. Nose Frieda FTW!!

Diet //
Tried peaches, nectarines, avocado, bananas, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, pears, watermelon and so many more and LOVES them all!!!

Now that Beckett takes a bottle I think she prefers a bottle over me which is totally fine- I'm taking her lead on that one. I've been giving her a bottle before bed time now so I can see that she is getting a full belly before bed and it has been amazing! Every single night that we have done that she's not made  peep from 7:00 pm- 7:00 am!

Sleep //
Back on track with sleeping!
Sleeps 7p-7a
Takes 2 1.5 hour naps and sometimes a 30 min cat nap in the evening

Baby Gear Love //
Still obsessed with her jumper
Books, books, books
so interested in all of your toys, especially the ones that sing
since she's obsessed with my phone we bought her a baby phone and she loves it!

Likes //
playing patty cake
sitting up
being tickled
peoples noses
facial hair
hats (on other people)
chewing on everything
labels, tags, and stickers
still loves the water--little fishy! 

putting on pjs after a bath--she's ready to eat and go to bed
being tired/staying up past bed time
Nose Frieda 

Milestones //
Has both bottom teeth
says "mama" "dada" "wawa" "nana"
is now ticklish
pincer grasp down pat
sitting like a champ and reaching for things around her
wants to crawl so bad. She kicks her arms and legs like she's swimming but hasn't quite figured out the legs and arms together
started taking bottles- PTL!!!!