Thursday, April 12, 2012

{Northern Cali. Part Two}

{Day 5} We ventured into the city! We started out by taking a boat ride to Alcatraz. This was like on the top of Dale's to do list while in San Fran! He loves history! It was a lot more interesting that I imagined! Unfortunately while we were there it got super foggy so we could barely see the Golden Gate Bridge :(

After Alcatraz we went to Ghirardelli square and had so YUMMY ice cream! {yes I had to take my pill but so worth it}
{Lombard Street}
{Day 6} Zip lining through the Red Woods! WOW! What an incredible experience! I never thought I was scared of heights but some of those trees are GIANT and being up there on a little wooden platform is kind of scary! We had incredible views and had such a blast doing it!

{tree huggers}
After zip lining we went to the Pier and found some cute fat little lards hanging out!
Went back to Half Moon Bay and hiked down to the beach!
Found a cave!

{Day 7} My main goal: Napa! We are definitely not "winos" at all but I do enjoy a good glass of Cab. After Napa we are for sure connoisseurs! {not} And ya'll have to know my in-laws... pure bred beer drinkers. Nothing else. Beer. This was totally out of their element but they ended up LOVING it! My m.i.l. bought TONS of wine to have shipped back so we can enjoy it here!

We really wanted to find a wine that we both enjoyed so we could share a bottle every now and then.
We went to V.Sattui first as suggested by a friend! My top favorite winery {maybe because I remember it the best} Their Gamay Rouge is TO.DIE.FOR. Period!
{They had a cute little Deli where you could buy yummy sandwiches. They also had picnic tables set up outside for the perfect picnic!}

Other wineries we visited: Flora Springs (just o.k), Peju, Chandon--champagne SOOO good!

We had such a fun trip with so many memories to take away! We loved Northern California and would go back in a heartbeat!

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