Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Northern Cali. Part One}

We got very lucky this year during spring break. Thankfully Dale and I both were off the exact same week! Dale's dad just got a new job out in San Fran so we all decided what a perfect time to take an amazing vacation out to Northern California! I'm pretty sure that I have the best in-laws ever! Let me tell! I think we pretty much experienced all that NorCal has to offer and we loved every second of it! We are ready to move now!

{Day 1}We started our vacation by driving up to Tahoe. We stayed and skied in Squaw Valley. It was the most beautiful place full of snow that I've ever seen. I've never witnessed that much snow in my whole life! The first day we went on snow mobiles. To make a long story short: I basically almost died. The dude took off without us, I took a turn around a sharp curve and my ski plummeted off into a ditch and threw me into a snow bank. When I pulled myself out I was up to my chest in snow! I freaked out!

{Day 2} we went skiing! I've never been real skiing before so of course I had a few frustrating moments. Thankfully I have the most encouraging husband ever and he helped me tremendously! We skied all day and had a BLAST! When skiing was over we started the trek back to San Fran and got stuck on the interstate in a blizzard! People were making snowmen on the side of the road!!

{Day 3} We did the 17 mile drive! OH.MY.WORD. The most gorgeous scenery you will ever see. I can't even explain it but pictures cannot even do it justice!

{fat sea lions just hangin' out-- I thought they were dead}
{from snow to ocean}
{Day 4} We went to Halfmoon Bay and the boys played golf while the girls had a spa day at the Ritz! The whole 9 yards! Massage, facial, mani/pedi! ZEN!

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