Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beckett// 10 Months

Beckett // 10 Months
Weight// 17.5 lbs
Height// 28 in
*this is a long post because we've been super busy this month*
Ten Month Events// 
Traveled a TONNNN
Went to Lansing, MI to visit Daddy
Visited with Kate, Jeremy, and Cassidy
Naples, FL to visit Sweet P and Grampy
Kingsport to see Emery and Jennifer
Left for PA for a month to see Mimi, Papa Bear, and Auntie K
pumpkin patch

Clothes & Diapers //
FINALLY size 3 diapers
some 6-9 month clothes mostly 9-12 month
9 month PJs are getting too short so we switched to 12 month

Health //
-ugh Beckett has kept a runny nose since we've been in Louisville The pedi thinks she has allergies and she is on children's claritin once a day.
-every time we leave Lou. her runny nose clears up
-two days ago Beckett threw up for the first time. We think it was a combo of drool and drainage from crying but still it broke my mama heart
-horrible diaper rash STILL. we've literally tried EVERYTHING. I feel so bad for her

Diet //
still gets 4 7oz bottles
3 solids meals a day
this little girl LOVES salmon and broccoli
breakfast is usually eggs, fruit, and a waffle
lunch: turkey and veggies
dinner: leftovers, pasta, or whatever we are eating

Sleep //
2 naps 

Baby Gear Love //
doesn't love much "gear" any more. She actually prefers anything BUT her toys.

Likes //
singing songs
being tickled
eyelashes on people and baby dolls 

putting on coats
diaper changes because of diaper rash

Milestones //
cutting 2 more teeth on top
knows sounds of dogs and monkeys
signs "more" and "please"
says mama, dada, baba, water,
crawls like a champ
pulls to standing
puts her arms up in the air when we say "touchdown tennessee"
dances on command when we say "oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah"

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