Monday, December 1, 2014

A Letter to Our Baby Girl

Beautiful Baby Girl,

Happy birth month, sweetheart! Words cannot describe how excited I am to meet you. I cannot believe I have had you in my belly for 38 weeks and you are now considered "full term". I have absolutely LOVED being pregnant with you (even when I was sick as a dog for 16 weeks) and feeling your sweet little (and big) movements in my belly. This is selfish but in just a couple short weeks I will have to share you with the outside world. It will no longer just be you and me: me feeling your kicks and you hearing my heartbeat.  I know there are many people anxiously awaiting your arrival and I am so excited to introduce you to the world! I cannot wait to see what you look like and hear you cry for the first time. Daddy and I dream of what your personality will be like. Will you be easy going and laid back like daddy or will you be a little spitfire and always on the go like mommy? However God made you, you will be so perfect!  My heart might explode the first time I lay eyes on you.  I can't wait for you to meet your daddy and watch you all interact! You will absolutely adore him and he will adore you! He is the most loving, kind, hard working man and will do everything in his power to make his little girl happy! I cannot wait to see the bond that you two form and see you two together. You are so very loved and there are so many people anxiously awaiting your arrival. You will constantly be surrounded by love and support by your family. 
We cannot wait to meet you baby girl!!


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