Sunday, November 4, 2012

{our love story pt. 3: the engagement}

I already posted practically this entire story when I did the marriage link-upp but I thought since I already had it written, I'd do a separate post!

Junior year of college {2010} I got a phone call from Dale. 
"Hey, do you want to go to New York City for Easter with my parents?" 
I had never been to NYC before so I was so excited! Thinking of all the wonderful things we would do and see... I was like a little kid anticipating Christmas morning! When it finally arrived, Dale came to Birmingham the night before, I had to take a test in a class, and then we were off to the airport. I remember asking him tons of questions about NYC. We arrived late Friday night and walked around the city. I, of course, was snapping pictures of everything in sight. Again, little kid on Christmas morning. Saturday morning {April 3rd} we woke up and it was a normal day. Dale and his dad went down to get breakfast while the girls got ready for the day. We were going shopping to get Kailey a graduation present. We walked the streets of NYC for a bit until we came to 5th Ave.

We were in a store while K was looking at purses and Dale was casually like, hey, let's go see if we can catch a carriage and take a ride through central park. I love love love carriage rides! We got to central park and it was packed because it was an absolutely beautiful day. Being southerners, I think we moved a little too slow. EVERYONE was jumping in front of us taking the carriage we were waiting on. I was like gee wiz I didn't know we had to be THIS aggressive, let's just take a walk instead through the park. {I'm sure Dale's heart started beating hard at this point}. He agreed but after walking like 15 steps he turned around and said, no I think I want to take a ride NOW. We turned around to go back to the carriages. After trying my best to find a pretty horse and pretty carriage I pretty much said screw it and we hailed the first horse our slow selves could jump on to. 

When we got in to the carriage Dale casually asked our driver if he could take our picture when we got in to central park. {Still thinking nothing of it at this point} We started trotting along. I, again, was snapping pictures of everything in sight. The driver stopped the carriage and said, "ok, hand me your camera I'll take your photo now." I stood up to hand him my camera and when I turned around, my handsome man was down on one knee IN the carriage!! Thank goodness our driver had my camera so he took a ton of pictures for us. Dale told me all of these sweet things which, of course, I cannot remember and asked me to marry him and the first thing I could think of was "did you already ask my dad?" I didn't think my parents would be able to keep it from me. 

Back tracking a little bit. When I told my mom we were going to NYC she told me to go get a manicure. I was like what? no! I'm not spending money to get my nails done.. I'll just do them myself. She knew that when I got engaged I wanted my nails painted {if you know me at all, you know my nails always look terrriibblle}. She was like "oohhh text me a picture when you paint your nails" "what color did you paint them" I should've known right then that something was up. 

I said yes and all I could do was kiss Dale for the rest of the carriage ride. Everyone in central park was probably sick of our PDA but I didn't care! I was happy in love and I was getting married and wanted every one to know about it! 

This was the official beginning of the rest of our lives together! 

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