Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{easiest DIY puppy bed}

Although my fur ball is super duper cute, don't let that cuteness fool you. He can be pretty destructive, especially when we leave him alone too long. Polo has cost us a lot of moola over stupid stuff---tore a hole in the carpet at my in-laws, tore up three dog beds, ate three rugs, and even ate, yes i said ate, holes in our guest room bath tub. Needless to say, I am sick of spending money on dumb stuff. 

When Polo tore up his second and third dog beds I got this awesome idea to save the stuffing and just make him a new one. Originally I planned to buy some fabric, stitch it together and stuff it full. While I was in Knoxville I was shopping at homegoods {best store ever} and found the cutest, softest blanket with dog bones all over it for $12.99. PERFECTION! Scooped that up and came on home. As soon as I got home I measured the correct size I wanted for Polo. I literally folded the blanket in half, sewed a seam across the bottom, and up the side. Then sewed in some velcro {because Polo looovvess to chew zippers}, turned in inside out, stuffed it full and waa-lah! Perfect, fluffly dog bed for my furry best friend!! 

His old dog bed pre-rampage

post rampage {after I removed the fabric}

New blanket

Lovin' his new bed. "Don't turn on the bright lights mom"

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