Sunday, December 2, 2012

{christmas cocktail 2012}

This year we hosted our first ever Christmas Cocktail and it was a b.l.a.s.t.! 
As I began to decorate for Christmas this year and unpacked all of my boxes, I  realized how much stuff we actually have. I unpacked boxes and boxes of Christmas serving dishes, hot cocoa mugs, dessert plates, cake platters and so much more. I figured we had to have a get together or else all of this stuff would go to waste yet another year. I quickly texted all of my girl friends and we figured the best date would be December 1st because as soon as our med school hubbies are finished everyone is going every which way. 

Next came the question--tacky Christmas sweater party or classy cocktail? Since we live in a super small town and have no where to go to dress up, we figured we'd take a night to get fancy and wear some heels! Hence the name, Christmas Cocktail 2012 {cleaver, right?} 

We planned to have small appetizers instead of doing a sit down dinner {because my house can't really hold 17 people--more like 6 comfortably}. Each couple came bearing an appetizer or a dessert and man-o-man it was amazing! We had everything from beef dip, spinach fritattas, broccoli bites, and bruchetta to cake balls and pecan pie bars. Drinks consisted of "skinny" champagne punch, vodka tonics, whiskey and diet coke, and wine for the ladies. Everything was so delicious! 

I wanted to plan a fun game since our parties usually go like this--couples arrive, every one says hello, boys go to one side of the room, girls go to the other side of the room and that's that! Everyone arrived at 7pm and I planned a game at 5:45! Talk about pressure! We played the game "Who Am I?" I made up a bunch of different Christmas words, which some people would beg to differ whether their word was, in fact, a Christmas word. Each person chose a name tag and stuck it on their forehead. We stood in an oblong circle in my kitchen and could only ask yes/no questions. We laughed so hard during this game my abs are legitimately sore this morning! I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone hosting a Christmas party! 

This party was everything I wanted it to be and more. Many laughs were shared and it was a great time to get everyone together before we part ways for the Holidays. The boys and Ashlin were able to take a break and forget about studying for a few hours and everyone could relax and have a good time! 

Here are some photos from the evening:


  1. what a great sounding party Brooke!

    1. Also- I mentioned you on the blog today :)

  2. Brooke! I just randomly saw this post and I want to know more about the game! We do Christmas charades every year, but this would be a fun switch up. If you have a list of the words you put on the name tags, will you message them to me on FB? I know this is WAY in advance, but I will forget if I don't ask you now :) Hope y'all are doing well, I love checking in on your blog when I get time!