Sunday, December 16, 2012

{coconut oil-y hair}

Girl friends are great for more than just gossip and shopping! My group of girl friends and I often trade recipes, decorating, and beauty tips. One day, during one of our long walks, we were talking about how to naturally make our hair grow and ticken faster. Than goodness for my friend Lora or I would have never even tried this trick! 

Now, I've always heard that coconut oil has many benefits for the inside of your body, but who knew you could plaster it all over the outside of your body and reap the benefits too? 

Lora told me to combine a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil {more if you have tick hair} and about 5 drops of lavender--amaazzzinng aromatherapy. Mix it together and start rubbing it all over your head. I start at my scalp and work its way all over the scalp and then gradually work my way down. I use a small comb to comb through my hair to make sure I covered it, then I twist my hair and put it in a clip. You want to use a clip instead of a pony tail holder because clips don't break your hair! 

Make sure you have at least 2 hours to sit around the house and do nothing because you want to let this soak in as long as possible. I suggest making a nice warm bubble bath, turning on a show or reading a good book, lighting some candles, and letting the oil work it's magic. This does wonders for the stress in your life. 
Coconut Oil
Essential Oils {I use lavender} 

*Make sure you buy pure 100% organic coconut oil to reap all of the benefits* 
I bought mine at Trader Joes

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