Monday, February 6, 2012

bonnie and clyde

so for those of you that do not know...i teach special ed. one of the things i've been looking in to was getting a class pet because i want my kids to have some responsibility. although i really want a guinea pig or a bunny, my husband says no because they come home with you :(. so after receiving some classroom moola that i'm required to spend before march, i asked my assistants if they had any ideas. one of my assistants suggested frogs. perfect! these frogs have their own little ecosystem and you only have to feed them twice a week and clean them three times a month! sounds kind of gross but they are so easy! so, i went out after school and purchased my little froggies! i'm quickly falling in love with bonnie and clyde (their unofficial names until i take them to school tomorrow and let my students name them!)

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  1. Ha ha - so true, any school pet becomes a family pet when school is over. Frogs are a great idea! I hope your kiddos enjoy caring for them - and I'm sure they will love naming them.