Thursday, February 2, 2012

favorite things....

as i was driving today i was thinking about (some) products i couldn't (or wouldn't want to) live without. i thought i'd share a few of my favorite things with you! some are my favorite nutritional items, products, and things to do.
1. Chia Seeds: these are SO good for you! dale and i add just 1 T to our salad every single night. they are full of omega-3s (way more than fish), antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and keep you feeling energized all day. basically these are the best things in the world and you should RUN to the store ad get some asap!

2. Aloe Vera Juice: nightly ritual: take a shot of aloe vera juice. now this is definitely not the best tasting thing in the whole world, but you just have to take a shot a day. no big deal. it increased the absorption of all of the nutrients you eat. if you are going to eat healthy, why not increase your capability to get all those nutrients out of the yummies you eat? it also increases your immune system and reduces nitrate levels in your body. with all of these great benefits, i can put up with the (not so great) taste every night. i must admit, we've gotten used to the taste kind of. annndddd dale actually likes drinking this. HE reminds ME to take it every night!

3. neighborhood barre: literally the best workout ever! i have the pleasure of working here too! neighborhood barre is a combo of yoga and pilates while using a ballet barre. it's a lot of isometric holds while using weights and body weight. you can tell a huge difference after a few classes! if you live in knoxville come check us out!!
4. lululemon tank: i am obsessed with my new lulu tank. the only bad thing about it is it's the only one i own! its so comfy and really helps a lot when we are up in poses where your shirt would normally rise up! obsessed.
5. chobani yogurt: yum! eat this every single day. since i have a dairy allergy this is the only "dairy" i can eat without getting a wretched tummy ache. for some reason, the way it is strained, most people with a dairy allergy are ok eating it. plus it has a ton of protein! some people may complain about the "carbs" but i don't count carbs AT ALL. i eat the stuff that i like and that i know is good for me. that's all.
6. organic peanut butter: anyone who knows me AT ALL knows that i literally LOVE peanut butter. most would say it's my most favorite food in the world (caitlin had this one memorized for any potential "how well do you know the bride" questions at any of my bridal showers haha). i have gone from eating "reduced fat" jiff to now eating organic peanut butter made straight from earth fare. it's so cool because the ingredients are plain and simple "organic roasted peanuts". done. i try to eat things with the fewest ingredient list. it kind of grosses me out to find things with 10 ingredients and most you cannot pronounce. so i definitely cannot live without my yummy organic peanut butter!!
7.capri blue candles (volcano) : the smell. so so so good. nothing else to say!

8. my husband: this one is obvious. absolutely could not live without this man! he is my supporter and my encourager every single day. so blessed.


  1. I just bought my first jar of organic PB a couple of weeks ago! Where do you get your Chia seeds and aloe vera juice?

  2. La! You will love the organic peanut butter! I get mine at Earth Fare... Literally just comes out of the dispenser! I get my chia seeds at vitamin shoppe but I'm not sure if theres one in Lou. I get my aloe in the organic section of's the cheapest place I've found it. Take a shot before bed!

  3. I love these picks! I want to try the chia seeds & aloe vera. Both sound great.

  4. Aileen, you really should! They are so great and full of nutrients and tons of benefits!! Let me know how you like them!