Monday, July 30, 2012


This past weekend we went home to Louisville, Ky! 
We got to visit and stay with my amazing family and spend lots of quality and much needed time with them. Saturday we spent the day shopping and at night celebrated a belated Father's Day at my family's favorite restaurant... J. Alexanders!! Oh my gosh! If you've never tasted their carrot cake, put it on your bucket list! It's to.die.for!

Sunday we woke up bright and early for the one &only- COLOR RUN!
We drove to downtown Louisville clad in all white outfits ready to walk  run. We met up with my cousin Lauren and her boyfriend Andrew. 

If you've never heard of the color run, its a 5k race that's more about the color than it is the "race". You take the race at your own pace and soak up all of the color along the way. Each kilometer is stocked with volunteers who drench you in color powder. 

One tip for you future color-runners: hold your breath while you're walking through the color cloud! It definitely gets in your mouth! 

Blue Teeth!
The race is fun but the most exciting part is at the END of the race! Every 15 minutes they count down and a huge crowd of people throw their color packets in the air and a there is a ginormous explosion of color! 

 Here are some pictures from our race!

All fresh and clean in our white

After the run, before the explosion of color!


Andrew's hair!

The Group! We had so much fun!

The three of us!
After going through the blue cloud!
The color run was definitely the most fun and happy 5k race I've ever done!


  1. The color run is coming here in December and I can NOT wait to run it!!

  2. Oh my! It is so much fun! Make sure you put leave in conditioner in your hair, especially since you are blonde! Lather yourself in lotion so the color is easier to get off! AND wear a plain white t shirt so your free color run shirt doesn't get ruined. Unless you want a tye die shirt!