Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{then vs now}

When we brought Polo home he was such a sleep, yet active little boy. At 9 weeks old, weighing in at 8 lbs he was a ball of energy! Now, at 4 months weighing a whopping 33 lbs he is becoming more relaxed and easier to trust in the house! Since we have lived in our new home {fingers crossed} he has not had one accident in the house! Polo has now mastered "bell training". We have a jingle bell attached to our door and when he needs to go outside he dings it with his nose!! So very proud of this smart little boy! His new favorite things include sleeping in the shower {he even wants to get in if you are in there}, crawling under the bed, playing and chasing balls, hiking, and going on rides in the car! 

It's insane how you can have this much love for a furball, but boy are we head over heels?!

**We had Dale's medical school orientation today and were forced to leave him home from 7:00-3:00. We left him a nice little set up in the bathroom with food, water, his bed, and bunches of toys. I was a nervous wreck all day long thinking he would be lonely, hungry, thirsty, and most of all go potty in the bathroom! I am happy to say that this boy is so good that he slept all day {i assume} and did not have an accident! He is growing up!


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! We tried to do the bell thing with our dog but never quite got there - but now that she's 2, we don't really have to worry about accidents. I still do sometimes worry about leaving her for long days though - but I can say that will get easier for you :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I was nervous we weren't going to get him to catch on to the bell thing either! One day he hit it with his nose and he's done it ever since! It's so funny to watch! I sure hope it gets easier! I am finding that every day it gets a little bit easier to trust him :)