Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If there is one thing I'm almost obsessed with it's fresh squeezed juice. It's amazing to be able to know exactly what's in your juice--good ole' fruit and veggies. 

I'll be honest, I hadn't really ever heard of "juicing" until last year when Dale and I began our journey to lead the healthiest life possible and we started doing a bunch of research. 

After a lot of on-line shopping {which I am the bargain hunting queen} I made a final decision. We had some bed bath and beyond gift cards left over from our wedding and I knew I could utilize my expired BB&B coupons. We went with the Breville Juice Fountain Plus and I couldn't be happier about my decision. A year and a half later and I'm still obsessed with this beaut. 

When I have a snow day {which seems like all the time here lately} or on a weekend, I love to whip up some fresh juice with whatever I've got in my fridge. 

Here are some of my favorite juices to make:

For a detox I always make "green" juice:
2 Kale leaves stuffed full of spinach leaves and wrapped tightly
2 apples of your choice
1 lemon
3 celery stalks

Whatever's in the fridge:

Apples & Oranges make for a great vitamin C juice! 

*I always alternate between 'soft' and 'hard' fruits and veggies. For example, I do kale and spinach first, then apple, then celery, and top it off with lemon. 

*Peel your veggies before you juice them--it's easier on your juicer.

*To gain the optimal amount of nutrients drink your juice right away! 

*Sometimes I will make juice the night before and store in a mason jar in the fridge to take the next day to work.

*If you have fur-babies--they LOVE the pulp when you are finished. As long as you do not juice grapes--the pulp is great for them! Polo sits and waits patiently, while drooling when I'm finished!

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