Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{cluck cluck}

For a while now I've been day dreaming about chicken. No, No, not eating them! I want to have them as PETS!! At first it took a lot of begging, pleading, and researching to prove to my husband that this was a good idea. But when I mentioned that I also wanted a teacup pig he agreed to let me have chickens! {i'll still get the piggy some day :)}

I don't even eat eggs that much {i'm pretty much vegan but sometimes eat eggs or something with eggs in it} i don't know the technical term all I know is that I don't eat dairy {no, eggs are NOT dairy contrary to popular belief} and I don't eat meat. But my husband eats tons of eggs, especially on the weekends!
Anyway, chickens are cute, and it's the absolute BEST way to get fresh, organic eggs for your family. Apparently they are very clean animals, the best fertilizer for your plants, AND eat your weeds! We have been buying Tennessee cage free, "organic" eggs but they are like $2.58 a carton {which really isn't that bad}. Chickens are like $6.00 a piece!! In turn, you save money! They love to eat your veggie table scraps!
So, here is my wish list:
-get a home with a fenced in backyard
-Dale to make me a coop for a {cheap low cost}
-Have 2 chickens
-let them roam freely around my yard

If you have chickens please please give me any advice that you think would be helpful because I really don't know where to start. I would love to know the best breeds to buy {I'm thinking a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock}, how to make a coop, and all that jazz!


  1. I have already told Jeremy this is top notch priority when we have a more permanent home! Haha, I just LOVE them!

    1. I love them too! Can't wait to get some!

  2. We want them too! We have a lot to learn about them however before we take this on. We have hawks and coyotes in our area so I know we would need to learn how to protect them from predators. Also, we need to learn how to keep them healthy and safe from our extreme heat, so I'm sure they will need some kind of shelter, not only from heat but from cold. I have heard Rhode Island Reds are great egg producers. I think it's wonderful you want chickens. We do think alike. There is much to learn, but we're willing to find out whatever we can to have fresh eggs and eventually even fresh meat. Do your research - hope your dream comes true!

    1. Miss Lyn, it's almost crazy how alike our brains are! haha! We do have a lot to learn. The research has begun. There is a book called Chick Days that's all about raising chickens. We also need chickens that will be alright in hot and cold weather. One of the women I work with has Buff Orpingtons and said they are consistent egg layers and are so big that they can't fly so free roaming all day is no problem! I will look in to those too. We can share info about chickens too if you'd like :)

  3. We are thinking after the wedding and life calms down some, we may start the heavy duty research on chickens. It's an exciting venture, I wish you luck and yes, we can definitely share info. There is so much to learn!