Sunday, January 13, 2013

{2013 goals}

It's thirteen days in to January and I'm just now posting this? Maybe end procrastination should be on my 2013 goal list? Does it count that I drafted this post on January 1st? No probably not.

Last year, my husband and I started a "tradition" of creating a goal list on New Year's Day. This time last year we were sitting on the beach dreaming of what 2012 held for us. Now, 2012 is a thing of the past and we accomplished EVERY goal on our list. I wanted to blog about out list this year to hold myself accountable.

2013 goals
  • live in the moment
  • travel to Europe 
  • read at least 10 books
  • eat healthier (just like everyone else on the planet)--more whole foods
  • have a positive attitude at work and try not to stress...which leads to my next goal...
  • start yoga/ pilates
  • grow a garden

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