Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{what i'm loving wednesday}

I'm linking up with Jamie again for WILW!

I'm loving my new jazzercise class
I wish my friends and I wore outfits like this

This class is! I pictured it kind of like old women jumping around, but no! I was very wrong! We sweat. A lot! such a great workout and good girl time twice a week! 

i'm loving this song:
It was in our jazzercise routine last week and I cannot stop listening to it. pumps. me. up! 

i'm loving girl time when the hubbies are studying
walks.dinners.working out. painting our nails. watching movies. talking. you name it, we do it!
I'm thankful for good girlfriends to spend time with while my husband cuddles with the books. 

i'm loving spending time with my fur baby
I'd show you a video but I have NO clue how to upload it to blogger. 
We danced to "Who Let the Dogs Out" on Monday. 
I laughed so hard my abs hurt. 
I love him
We always laugh together. 
Yes, my dog laughs. 

i'm NOT loving the hubs studying all week long. I'm ready for next week to be over with. hey med school, i'd like my husband back. that will happen for like 4 days and then he will be back to hitting the books hard again. 

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