Sunday, January 20, 2013

{Polo's Birthday List}

You know it's bad when you want to spend more money on your dog's first birthday than you ever have on your husband's birthday. This is bad. Really, really bad! Would you say I'm obsessed? Probably. Am I? Definitely. I love to spoil my doggy rotten even though he has no clue that he's getting new presents or what his birthday even means. Even though his birthday is two months away, we have already started planning. 

When Polo was diagnosed with all of this food allergies the one thing that came to mind was, how am I supposed to by him a birthday cake? Sad thing is, I probably won't because of his allergies :( 
Maybe I will make him some treats instead. 

Anyway, here is a list of stuff Polo himself has complied for his 1st birthday. 

1. A new leash. Since we go on walks all.the.time my old one got dirty. Silly mom put it in the washing machine and filled it with bleach. Bad idea mom. My cute leash went from lime green polka dots to yellow polka dots. Therefore, I need a new leash. I think my new favorite color is blue. 


 2. Raised dog bowls. Ok, so I'm tall. It's hard for me to bend all the way down just to take a drink of water. This is the coolest thing ever invented. Please mom, pleeaasseee??

3. A new dog bed. Ok so I know I don't have the best history with dog beds. I've managed to chew up THREE dog beds. But I PROMISE now that I am more mature {7 in people years} I won't destroy my new bed. 

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