Thursday, April 11, 2013

{the 24 day challenge results pt. 1}

If you would've asked me two weeks ago how I felt about the 24 day challenge I would've told you
just o.k.
Ask me now?
I'm 100% O B S E S S E D

I am so proud of how far I came and the progress I've made. The thing about the 24DC is that it is a lifestyle change. Is it hard to meal prep and plan for the entire week every single meal and snack? Yes. Will I continue meal prepping and eating this way post 24DC? Absolutely! 

Prior to the 24DC I ate what I considered "healthy". My #1 fault? Not eating ENOUGH. Wait, what?
I never ever ate breakfast {flaw #1}. I would eat an apple and pb around 9:30. Lunch was always something like greek yogurt and granola --or-- nibbling off the school lunch tray {nasty}. I usually had some kind of snack after school. Work out. Then ate a BIG dinner. And would probably have some type of sweet somewhere in between.

On the 24DC you eat 5 small meals throughout the day. At first, this was super hard for me. Now, I'm obsessed and will definitely continue this after the challenge is over. I am never "starving" or even really get hunger pains. 

My favorite things about the 24 DC was the meal replacement shakes. I will continue to drink these post 24 DC. When I wake up I am never ever hungry so it is hard for me to choke down breakfast 30 min. after waking up. These meal replacement shakes are amazing. I put about 5 oz of water and 5 ice cubes in the blender with my packet {and sometimes add chia seeds} whip it up, pour and go! It's amazing and keeps me full until my snack! I drink the berry flavor!

I am also completely and utterly obsessed with SPARK. you drink it on an empty stomach in the morning {and in the afternoon if you need a "pick me up"}. It's a healthy addiction :) I've put away the coffee pot. 

Listen, I have the new Polar FT4 watch and it counts your calories as you work out. One day at jazzercise I only burned 565 calories without SPARK. The next class, same exact routine, I drank a SPARK prior to class and burned 630 calories! That stuff WORKS! 

Least favorite thing was most definitely the fiber drink. Oh my word that thing was AWFUL. I only had one day out of 7 where I could choke it down without gagging. That crap tasted like sawdust in a jar. I stirred that thing as fast as I could, stuck a straw in it and down the hatch it went. Definitely, what ever you do, do not like that drink sit. It gets a gel type consistency and you will never be able to drink it. I was thankful it only lasted 4 days, then you skip 3 and go back on it for 3 days. YUCK! 

Favorite Foods: at first I ate the same thing every single day for lunch and wow that got boring real quick. I started off loving it but after a week of the same lunch, you begin to get a little bored. For lunch, days 1-10, you have a protein, complex carb, and a veggie. I ALWAYS ate baked chicken, quinoa, and lettuce with salsa. At first--delish. After a week or two... not so good! I started to try new things--I made {this} delicious chicken quinoa soup, and {this} healthy egg salad. 
Turkey burgers on the grill are always a huge hit!! Especially sprinkled with Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning!

...part 2 with results will continue tomorrow because it's too good to squeeze in to one post!

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