Friday, April 12, 2013

{the 24 day challenge results pt. 2}

The only thing that I regret is not doing the 24DC before our wedding almost 2 years ago. {wow time flies}

I weigh 9lbs less now than what I did when we got married.
That's kind of embarrassing!

7 lbs {my goal was 8} but 17.8 lbs since my "heaviest" weight!!! 
17.5 inches!!! I am amazed at these results!!
3 total inches from my waist alone!!!

I am not stopping here! The great thing I have learned is how to listen to my body. I know exactly what my body needs for fuel and exercise. I will continue to put healthy foods into my body and nourish it as best as I can. There was a time where I just plain did not care. That was the old me. This is the new me and I want to be the best that I can be! I am going to continue the "lean in 13" meal plan and vitamin regimen.

Ok so I know I said i wouldn't be posting pics of my 6 pack but, how could I resist? 

I am so so proud of my results!
I'm proud that I challenged myself.
I'm proud I learned the right way to eat healthy.
I'm excited that I basically have a whole new wardrobe and options of clothing to wear.

Being on the 24 D C definitely gave me self confidence getting in a bikini for the first time of the warm season. 

Same Dress! 

I had an amazing cheerleader in {AMANDA} while on my cleanse. She was so positive and so motivating during the whole cleanse. Seriously, if you want any AdvoCare products please visit her blog or like her {Forbes Fitness facebook page} and shoot her a message!! 


  1. Tiny girl! When did you start MFP?

  2. I'm so interested in doing this! It looks like you've had great results from it. I feel like I've plateued with my eating and exercising and am not seeing a lot of changes. This seems like it's what I need. With the cleanse, do they tell you what to eat for your meals? Does it tell you what foods to avoid during the cleanse?