Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{what i'm loving wednesday}

I am linking up with jamie for what i'm loving wednesday! 

Although I don't link up every single week for WILW, I am obsessed with loving way too much not to share.

I'm OBSESSED with how all of my clothes are fitting. I feel like I have access to a whole new wardrobe now! Wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear since early college years. I put on a pair of jean shorts over the weekend and they were huge! I also can finally wear a pair of j.crew linen pants that I tried to give away to my skinny friends last month! I honestly feel the best I've ever felt! Thanks 24 day challenge!!

I'm loving this warm, summer like weather we have been getting lately. I teach special education so we are a little more lenient  in our school day schedule. I took my kids out twice today because we had 6 out of 10 absent. We played with sidewalk chalk and bubbles! 

Now I'm sitting on my back porch trying to soak up some sun--with my SPF and floppy hat, of course!

I'm loving that my husband just had a test {that he freakin' rocked} so now he has a little bit of down time. We took a 2 hour walk with Polo last night. I told him, "wow, it feels good to act like a normal married couple for 5 seconds!"

I'm loving that we are going to be able to use our new grill for a huge cook out!! Warm weather...I am welcoming you with open arms!

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